I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for....


This week I made a really delicious dessert out of just two ingredients: frozen banana and frozen pineapple. And it was soooo delicious. The banana made the dessert just as creamy as real ice cream, and the pineapple gave it a really nice tropical flavor. All it took was one frozen banana and half a container of frozen pineapple in the Vitamix, and it blended into a beautiful creamy dessert. I used the tamper to help churn the mixture along a little , but it only took a minute to make!

Let's be real - how many times have we vowed to go on a diet? And how many times did that diet include cutting out sweets and desserts? And then...how many times did we break our resolve a few months later?

Being healthy doesn't mean you have to cut out foods you love, especially when you have a Vitamix. My favorite types of frozen desserts are the ones made from frozen fruits! At BlenderBrain, we are particularly good at buying too much fruit, and particularly bad at eating it all on time before it goes bad! So whenever our fruit is about to go bad, I like to prepare them in ziplock bags and throw them in the freezer.

As fruit ripens, it gets sweeter and sweeter, so if you're freezing your own fruit that's over-ripe, there's not really any need to add any extra sugar or sweetener to the mixture if you froze your. But if you're using frozen fruit from the store, it is at it's peak ripeness, but NOT over ripe, so you might not find it as sweet and want to add in a little extra sugar.

So the next time you have a craving for some ice cream, but want it WITHOUT the guilt, blend up some frozen fruit in your Vitamix, and let us know what your favorite combinations are!