All about...AGAVE

If you have been to our demonstration, you might have noticed us using Agave Nectar as our sweetener for our juices and frozen desserts. We try to keep our demonstrations Vegetarian/Vegan, meaning we stray away from using any meat, dairy, or animal products. Out of the sweeteners that are appropriate for such diets, we choose to use Agave because it has a neutral flavor, and doesn't affect the taste and flavor of our recipes too much.

  An agave plant

An agave plant

The agave plant is actually a type of succulent, and when the sap is processed, we get what is called Agave Nectar, which is what we end up using in the demos. Fun fact: if you ferment the sap, it turns into tequila!

Some people like using agave nectar because it has a low glycemic index, meaning it will not spike one's blood pressure right away. Please note that this does not mean it will not spike your blood sugar at all; all sugars will raise your blood sugar levels, but it's just a matter of how quickly. So even though some diabetics enjoy using agave nectar as a sweetener, it is still used sparingly. 

That being said, agave is not necessary to use as your sweetener at home! Using any type of sugar in any amount is a judgement call. In fact, at our house, we don't add in any extra sugars and sweeteners other than what is found inside the fruits we add. Next time I will write about other sugar substitutes you may use at home!

Happy blending!