Demonstration Recipes + Hushpad Giveaway [CLOSED]!

Hello everyone! These past few weeks have been super hectic - first we spent some time moving, and then we went back to work almost immediately after the move! Check out our new space:

  Moving in is one thing...getting everything into it's space is another :P

Moving in is one thing...getting everything into it's space is another :P

We have been working at the Novato Costco for a pre-Easter roadshow this past week. If you're in the area, come say hi! And if you're visiting our site for the first time after meeting us, welcome!!

We have been slowly figuring out a new platform for our site, and will soon launch a whole new site in a few months. Part of our website goals is to create easy recipe sheets that you can pin on your fridge. We are blending lots of different combinations to make sure every recipe we share is tested first! We'll always have the recipes available here, and soon you'll be able to find videos to watch when you aren't able to find us at a live demo!

We get asked about our demonstration recipes ALL the time, so we've made our first printout sheet. Since our demos are sometimes surrounded by sweet samples, we tend to add a little extra sugar into our demo recipes, so feel free to cut down on the sugar and/or replace them with your own favorite substitutes! 

Click here for our demonstration recipe printout!


In other news, we just received our new HUSHPAD, and in lieu of our review, we have decided to also have a surprise Facebook GIVEAWAY!

To enter our giveaway:
1. Like our FB page -
2. Share our HUSHPAD giveaway post!

Every "like" and "share" will count as 1 entry. We will announce the winner next Monday, March 28th!