Beet & Honey Froyo

There's less than 20 days before summer officially starts, but the sun beating down through my window could fool me! Our apartment is like a sweatbox in the middle of the day...

A few days ago, a friend of ours had a small birthday gathering at a nearby ice cream place, and since then, all I've had is ice cream on my mind. It's my favorite food, and it's really fun to experiment with all possibilities.

And experiment, I did. Hehe. Say hello to...


...a beautiful beet & honey froyo!

It might sound weird, but it's delicious, and I had one remaining packet of my Love Beets I was trying to use up - it's easy to make, refreshing for a (almost) summer's day, and super tasty!

One thing I really love about frozen yogurt is its tartness, which I find to be more prevalent in the flavors of greek yogurt. You an also use regular yogurt for a lighter flavor. Because we're adding in honey, I use plain yogurt; this way it doesn't dilute that honey flavor, and you also get the added bonus of being able to have better control over the sweetness factor, as well as how much sugar is actually going into your food.

Now, while you could technically make the base of this fro-yo with regular yogurt and ice, I decided to freeze my yogurt so that I could use less ice cubes; this is purely for preference, but the more ice you add, the more like a sorbet this will be. If the majority of your frozen element is ice, then it will also freeze into a harder block. I try not to dilute my cream/fat factor in my creamy frozen recipes, so frozen yogurt cubes it is! This *does* take some pre-planning, though, so if you're doing this on the spot, then plain yogurt + ice is fine!

You can also choose to replace the sweetener in this recipe, but I think that the flavors of beet and honey work really well together. If you use a more neutral tasting sweetener, it might taste more like beets. I do recommend using a liquid sweetener, and instead of measuring by cup, I just filled my container with honey until it hit the bottom blade (I would use less if you're using flavored/sweetened yogurt, but I am using plain). This recipe ends up making about 3 cups of froyo, so you can adjust the sugar to your taste accordingly! If you try this recipe with a different type of sweetener, please let me know how it tastes :)

Lastly, I used pre-cooked beets in this recipe, because, if you've ever made a smoothie with raw beets, you might have discovered that raw beets have a strong, earthy taste; it's great in smoothies, but I think it would take away the refreshing aspect of this dessert. If you have some raw beets on hand, I recommend boiling, steaming, or roasting them first (and of course, wait for it to cool down or even freeze them before making an ice cream!)



Beet & Honey Recipe

Honey up to the bottom blade (~1/4 cup)
2 cooked beets
1 or tbsp of beet juice (opt, I just used what came out of the package)
1-2 cups of frozen yogurt cubes OR 1 cup of plain greek yogurt
1 cup of ice cubes (set aside)
slice of lemon (opt)

*NOTE: this recipe is designed for the tall 64 oz container - if you have a low profile 64 oz container (Pro 300/5300/6500/7500/Pro750+ models), double this recipe.

Fill your container in the order listed, aside from the ice cubes, and blend on high speed. Use tamper accordingly, until mixture is blended smooth and you see the "four peaks" at the top. If the blend is too liquidy, add in a little bit of ice at at time while blending until desired consistency is reached. You can also store in freezer for a few hours to harden.

If mixture freezes into a hard block in the freezer, thaw for 5-10 minutes before scooping and serving.