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"I just wanted to say thank you for showing me the Vitamix while I was in Anchorage. Believe it or not I had never heard of the Vitamix before I saw your demo. Everything was so good and was so easy to make that I was sold on it and bought the 6500 along with the attachment to grind our own flour. My wife was ecstatic when I came home with it. We have been mixing up various recipes from your site and are having a blast trying everything out. I just wanted wanted to take the time to say thanks. My body also says thanks. I am getting past my taste buds that I never thought possible until I used the Vitamix. Please feel free to post this comment anywhere you would like. I would love to see more people get their hands on a Vitamix and see the difference it can make when it comes to getting the nutrition that we all need." 

"I was able to convince my husband to "let" me get the VitaMix. This weekend I made the Banana Ice Cream. Was so much faster than in my food processor. This morning I made the quickest green smoothie in less than 5 minutes. It was awesome! I used 2 cups filtered water; one apple, quartered and de-seeded; one banana; 4 cups spinach (really packed); and about 2 cups of Costco's frozen tropical blend frozen fruit. whoa! no chunks. I am so happy. I think that helped sell this to my spouse. LOL"

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We have been in love with our Vitamix(es) for over 10 years - we love Vitamix so much that we've made our livelihood going from store to store to show people what Vitamix is all about! When you order from Blender Brain, we get a small commission that goes towards ingredients to develop and test recipes for our readers. And, most importantly, we always make sure you receive the BEST appliance, with the BEST value, at the BEST price!

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As of 2017, we have decided to move on as Vitamix demonstrators and no longer do phone/direct orders, but we are still very passionate about helping others find the right Vitamix model for them.

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