Classic (C-Series) vs Next Generation (G-Series)

This is the main decision when deciding which Vitamix model to purchase. Keep in mind, all Vitamix models can make the same recipes of the same quality. What this means is, recipe-wise, you can't go wrong with any Vitamix model. 

You can tell the difference between the Classic and New Generation models by their physical design:

The three main differences that set the New Generation models apart are the height, sound, and the ability to do large amounts of thicker recipes. New Generation models have a shorter container; they stand at 17.5" tall, meaning they will fit under standard kitchen cabinets. The casing also has more sound dampening, and the motor is quieter, so it's not as loud as the Classic models. Lastly, the wider base and longer blades of the Next Generation container allows you to make the full 64 oz. container of the thickest recipes, such as ice cream, thick batters, and nut butters. With the wide bottom, however, most Vitamix users find that they have to make a minimum 2-3 cups when making thicker recipes.

Classic models will be able to do the same quality recipes as the Next Generation models, but in smaller amounts if you're making very thick recipes. What this means is the tall container with the narrow bottom of the Classic models really only allows you to make half the container (4 cups out of 8 cups) of the thickest recipes.  The narrow bottom of the tall Classic containers is actually one of its advantages - most Vitamix users will agree that it's easier to make smaller amounts (as little as 6 oz.) of any recipe in this container over the Next Generation container, which has a wider bottom. 

These two Vitamix models are made for customers that have different lifestyles; therefore, neither model can really be considered "superior" than the other. No matter which Vitamix model you choose, we know that you'll be happy and that you'll life will be changed for the better. Buying a Vitamix is a big investment decision, and we are here to help you make the right choice for you. We understand that everyone has different lifestyles and budgets, so here are our personal recommendations:

To save the most money - Reconditioned Standard model
Best machine value - Reconditioned Next Generation model
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NOTE: These recommendations are our own personal opinions based on our experiences in demonstrating, as well as from using these machines in our personal kitchens. We take into consideration cost and budget, usage, and recipe-quality when making our recommendations. 

We know that this was a lot of information; we are here to help and to give you HONEST answers and advice!

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