Why do I need the Variable Speed Control?

The Variable Speed Control is one of the many reasons why so many kitchen professional's love using the Vitamix in their kitchens. The Variable Speed Control is the 1 through 10 dial located on the front of the Vitamix. Sometimes it's confused for a timer, but these numbers are actually speed controls. This means more control over your food, as well as more possibilities of what you can create in your kitchen!

For most people, the highest speed will make the basics - your juices, smoothies, frozen desserts, and ice cream. But when you wanna get fancy and do some vegetable chopping or dough mixing or meat grinding...the lower settings will allow you to do ALL of that! Additionally, the classic knob design means you always have FULL control of your food's consistency, whether it's a course chop or a fine mince.

Will you always be using the Variable speeds every time you use your Vitamix? Probably not. But will they always be there for you when you need it? Definitely.