Wet vs Dry Containers/Do I need an extra container?!

Wet vs Dry Containers
All Vitamixes automatically come with one wet container that will fulfill all your blending needs. You can use your wet container for dry chopping, wet chopping, mincing, dicing, kneading dough, grinding meat or nuts, whipping cream, churning butter, etc. This is actually one of the things we LOVE about the Vitamix - you don't have to worry about keeping track of different attachments to make all sorts of different things. So that being said, what the heck is a dry container?

The dry container is the only other attachment made for the Vitamix, and it's sole purpose is for milling your own grains. It only comes in a 32oz capacity, but will fit on ANY standard model Vitamix (it will fit on ALL C-Series and G-Series motor bases). It's one of the best mills for under $1000, and you can grind whole grains into fine flours. The blade is slightly different from the wet container, and will push ingredients out towards the side instead of funneling down the center of the container.

A great example to illustrate the uses of each container is blending almonds. The wet containers will BREAK DOWN and EXTRACT liquids from ingredients, meaning the oil in the almonds will extract, and the best grind you can get will be a course almond meal before it turns into a creamy nut butter. In the dry container, the ingredients will PULVERIZE and GRIND, but the oils will stay intact and you can produce a fine almond flour.

Do I need an extra container?!
If you do a lot dry grinding in your kitchen and are interested in making your own flours, dry rubs/spices, granolas, and cereals, then the dry grains container would be a really great companion for your Vitamix. With the rising trend of gluten-free, many people find the dry grains container a considerably less expensive alternative to buying pre-made gluten free flours, and there are a lot of different resources on how to make your own flour mixtures online. However, if none of these things appeal to you, then there is no need to spend the extra money.

There are also additional wet containers that come in different sizes, but they aren't an absolute necessity since everyone gets a wet container by default upon their purchase. For anyone who has the Classic series Vitamix with the tall, narrow container, the 48oz and 32oz wet containers are available if looking for a container that fits under cabinets, without buying a whole new G-series Vitamix.