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We are always here to help, and when you decide it's time, we want you to choose the Vitamix that fits you best. Here are some factors to consider:

☆ Ordering through BlenderBrain vs Vitamix

Will and I are both Vitamix Show Demonstrators, and when you buy a Vitamix through us, you are buying a machine directly from Vitamix. What this means is that everything Vitamix has to offer - price, warranty, promotional offers, customer service, product registration, and 30-day free trial - are all things you will receive through BlenderBrain. The main difference between buying from BlenderBrain and buying through Vitamix online/through the phone is that BlenderBrain will facilitate your order through a physical form which we send to the Shows department. This allows us to offer *free shipping* and other benefits. All orders are made through a Secure Online Order Form.

All machines come with a 64 oz. (8 cups) wet container, Cookbook, Lid, Lid Plug, and Tamper. When ordering a Vitamix through BlenderBrain, you also get FREE shipping and our exclusive FREE starter kit, designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. We also offer a couple payment plan options which are not available through other channels.

☆ Classic (C-Series) vs Next Generation (G-Series)

This is the main decision when deciding which Vitamix model to purchase. Keep in mind, all Vitamix models can make the same recipes of the same quality. What this means is, recipe-wise, you can't go wrong with any Vitamix model. 

You can tell the difference between the Classic and New Generation models by their physical design:

The three main differences that set the New Generation models apart are the height, sound, and the ability to do large amounts of thicker recipes. New Generation models have a shorter container; they stand at 17.5" tall, meaning they will fit under standard kitchen cabinets. The casing also has more sound dampening, and the motor is quieter, so it's not as loud as the Classic models. Lastly, the wider base and longer blades of the Next Generation container allows you to make the full 64 oz. container of the thickest recipes, such as ice cream, thick batters, and nut butters. With the wide bottom, however, most Vitamix users find that they have to make a minimum 2-3 cups when making thicker recipes.

Classic models will be able to do the same quality recipes as the Next Generation models, but in smaller amounts if you're making very thick recipes. What this means is the tall container with the narrow bottom of the Classic models really only allows you to make half the container (4 cups out of 8 cups) of the thickest recipes.  The narrow bottom of the tall Classic containers is actually one of its advantages - most Vitamix users will agree that it's easier to make smaller amounts (as little as 6 oz.) of any recipe in this container over the Next Generation container, which has a wider bottom. 

These two Vitamix models are made for customers that have different lifestyles; therefore, neither model can really be considered "superior" than the other. You can find our own personal recommendations on which model to buy at the bottom of the page.

☆ Manual vs Programmable Settings

Whether it's the C-Series or the G-Series, you have an option of buying the manual version or the programmable version. Programmable settings are just a timer that is built in to the motor; for more money, you can have a machine that turns itself off! The timers are optimized to make certain things, but they aren't a necessity for making good food.

The automated pre-sets mean you can walk away from your Vitamix and not worry about turning off your machine. For some people, it means less of a learning curve, or extra time to get ready in the mornings. These timers are also perfected with many of the recipes included in the accompanying cookbook, meaning you can make all sorts of fancy drinks/desserts/sauces/soups and have them come out amazing, on the FIRST try by following the instructions! 

If you feel like the programmable settings will make you use your Vitamix more often, or if you are dead set on having a machine that automatically shuts off, then it might be worth the extra money. Again, everyone is different; if neither of these are an important factor to you, then definitely stick with purchasing a manual model.

☆ New vs Reconditioned

We are able to sell both New and Reconditioned models. Everyone loves new things, and we understand the hesitation when the word "reconditioned" comes up. Reconditioned models are actually quite a popular choice when considering price and value. It's a great value and just as great of a choice as a brand new machine. Reconditioned models are just as splendid and reliable as brand new machines, and Vitamix backs that up with a full 5-year warranty so that you feel covered. If truly desired, you also have the opportunity to extend the warranty for $75 if purchased with the machine. 

Here are some links that offer more detailed information on "like-new" Reconditioned models:
Certified Reconditioning Process
Certified Reconditioned Warranty
Certified Reconditioned Benefits

If you are set on buying a brand new machine, we have a special container promo when you buy a brand new 5200 Standard model! With a brand new 5200, you have a choice of a free container: 32 oz. Wet, 32 oz. Dry, or 48 oz. Wet. Extra containers are not for everyone, but they certainly can be nice to have, ESPECIALLY if you are looking at that extra Dry container for making your own flours and grinding grains!

Only you know what you are looking for; if you have any further questions about the specific models, please contact us and we will find the best model for you.

☆ Exact Specifications

We know that it may be confusing to see so many different models of Vitamix's at different stores, or online, but there are actually only a few different models, and they just come under different names. We want to make it easy for you, so we've listed the different models and their names to clear up the confusion!

Classic/C-Series/Standard Models - Tall/Narrow 64 oz. Container, 2 HP motor - without Pre-Sets
also known as the 5200, Creations I, Creations II, Creations GC, CIA Pro, TurboBlend VS, Total Nutrition Center, Pro 200

Classic/C-Series/Standard Models - Tall/Narrow 64 oz. Container, 2 HP motor - with 3 Pre-Sets
also known as the 6300, Pro 500, TNC3

Next Generation/G-Series - Short/Wide 64 oz. Container, 2.2 HP motor - without Pre-Sets
also known as the 7500, Creations Elite, Pro 300

Next Generation/G-Series - Short/Wide 64 oz. Container, 2.2 HP motor - with 5 Pre-Sets
also known as the Pro 750

☆ Our Personal Recommendations

No matter which Vitamix model you choose, we know that you'll be happy and that you'll life will be changed for the better. Buying a Vitamix is a big investment decision, and we are here to help you make the right choice for you. We understand that everyone has different lifestyles and budgets, so here are our personal recommendations:

To save the most money - Reconditioned C-Series Standard model (5yr full warranty) - $299
Best machine value - Reconditioned Next Generation model (5yr full warranty) - $439
Best package value - New 5200 (Standard) model, + FREE 2nd container of your choice (7yr full warranty) - $449

NOTE: These recommendations are our own personal opinions based on our experiences in demonstrating, as well as from using these machines in our personal kitchens. We take into consideration cost and budget, usage, and recipe-quality when making our recommendations. 

We know that this was a lot of information; we are here to help and to give you HONEST answers and advice! For more in depth answers, please visit our FAQ :)

Place your order on our Secure Order Form. If you have any specific questions, please contact us so we can find the best machine that works for you!